Ninja Preps 4 had a new course after Kaan Celik achieved Total Victory in Ninja Preps 3. There were 4 contestants. (3 new, 1 returning) 2 of the new contestants cleared Stage 1. (Zayn - 25.8 seconds left, Russel Scaife - 22.9 seconds left) The other new contestant was Sam, who failed the new Tunnel Crawl. However, the only returning contestant, reigning champion Kaan, had the fastest time of Stage 1 with 29.3 seconds left. In Stage 2, Both Russel and Kaan had difficulties on the new Rope Climb, thus timing out. However, Zayn cleared Stage 2 with only 4.3 seconds left. However in the new Stage 3, he failed the Wood Cling, which previously was in Stage 2 in Ninja Preps 1.

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